Our Story

We are Adam, Sally and Jessica.

Adam has been exploring Buddhism and meditation for many years, he has always loved music and is currently working towards sharing his own sound journeys. He loves to show people how to help themselves and to share his experiences.

Sally teaches Hatha and Restorative Yoga, loves to cook delicious food and nurture and host people at our home.

Jessica aspires to teach meditation one day - she plans to take over from us one day!


The dream of opening a retreat centre had been brewing for years, then suddenly we were doing it.

We lived in central Bristol, we had busy lives and we enjoyed the city but were craving nature, and space, that age old desire for something more fulfilling.

Our hope for the move for us, was to be outside more, enjoying nature and gradually becoming more self-sufficient. To be together as a family more. This is already happening and little by little we are easing into a slower pace of life.

Our space is humble, there is a campsite and covered barn area and we built the essential facilities in May 2021, followed by the inside space in December 2022.

Step outside of our land and you will meet a fantastic river to swim in, woods to explore and hills with awe inspiring views to climb. The sun rises in front of us and sets behind us.


Our dream for Growan is for it to be a space to help people enjoy personal growth and reconnect with nature.

We will be growing the space organically, starting with simple facilities, a campsite vibe and as much homegrown food as we can.

We are hosting retreats, classes and workshop centred around spending time in nature, yoga and various ceremonies with sound and cacao.

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