A few ways to support our project

Lots of people have asked how they can support Growan, we have had so many offers of help and support we thought we would put something together here that we can point people to when asked.

This feels so wonderful so a big thank you to all of you!

All of the ways...

  1. Buy something from our lovely shop - buying some cacao supports us building this space
  2. Follow us on social media and engage on our posts - every comment and share is so valuable in spreading the word
  3. Buy yourself a gift voucher to come to a retreat, once we have booked events in you'll be able to use towards them, supporting us now and spreading the cost too!
  4. Sign up to our mailing list
  5. Tell your friends about us, if you think its right up your mates street - tell them all about us, forward them an email, at them in a social media post or do the old fashioned chat...

Become a donor - and buy a tree

Lastly for those that want to support in a bigger way (we have had requests!) we thought it would be nice to have something lasting on the land for those who want to donate what we need - cash money!

Donate and you can come and plant a tree on our land, or we can do it for you.

We are not going to start a crowdfunder but you can donate via Paypal here:

We will then get in touch with you about the tree planting.