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We are currently booking events for 2021-22 and plan to announce our programme very soon.

We are hosting the wonderful 'She Can Do Wild' in June - an all-woman, intimate retreat focused on providing a very special outdoor experience. See info below.

We will be hosting events including various shamanic practices including art, journeying with the drum, sweat lodges, and fire ceremonies as well as Yoga, Meditation, and men's & women's circles.

We also have plans for a cycling weekend and some weekends centered around foraging & wild cooking.

We will be announcing dates as soon as possible so if you would like to be the first to know when we announce happenings here please join our mailing list below.

She Can Do Wild

Hosted by She Can Do Wild

This all-woman, intimate retreat focuses on providing you with a very special outdoor experience. 

This is about supporting women to reconnect with the natural world; rebuilding confidence by providing a variety of practical and empowering outdoor experiences - with like-minded women who are keen to invite a little more wild into their lives! 

It’s about being outside; listening, learning, contributing, sharing, talking and supporting if it feels right. Releasing yourself from the demands of modern life, moving bravely beyond your ‘normal’ and stepping back into the wild.

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