Summer 2021 is sadly over and it's been an incredible first season of events.

Alongside a busy schedule of private events we have had a short programme of wonderful retreats.

Massive LOVE & thanks to everyone who has joined us and made it all so special.

We have now started to book in events for 2022, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or questions - [email protected]

She Can Do Wild

Hosted by She Can Do Wild

June 12th - 13th

This all-woman, intimate retreat focuses on providing you with a very special outdoor experience. 

This is about supporting women to reconnect with the natural world; rebuilding confidence by providing a variety of practical and empowering outdoor experiences - with like-minded women who are keen to invite a little more wild into their lives! 

It’s about being outside; listening, learning, contributing, sharing, talking and supporting if it feels right. Releasing yourself from the demands of modern life, moving bravely beyond your ‘normal’ and stepping back into the wild.

Riding the Shamans Horse

A ceremonial drum weekend with Séan Ryan

June 18th - 20th

During this weekend we will connect deeply to the essence of the drum itself through a series of workshops, rituals, ceremony and communal drumming.

The ‘flat frame’ or shamanic drum is one most sacred and powerful tools used by any culture as part of Animistic/shamanic practices and is one that has been used for millennia.

Journey with Séan and you will discover why, when used as a vehicle of internal travel, the drum is often referred to as ‘the Shaman’s horse’.

Brothership Connection

A circle of brothers

July 9th - 11th

A weekend of authentic connection, curiosity and kindness; time and space to ground in nature, round the fire and to re-connect to ourselves, our values, shadows and gifts. 

The past year has been one of disconnection, isolation and separation. Depression and anxiety are the predominant mental health problems worldwide. These symptoms of disconnection are so widespread as to be ‘normalised’ in our society.

Connection is the medicine.

Diving Deep

With Kambo Ascension

July 16th - 18th

This will be an intimate group of 12 people on a deep journey within themselves with the option of one, two or three sittings of Kambo. 

Whether you're looking for a deep detox, ready to move through an emotional block or propel yourself into some beautiful manifestations we welcome you with an open heart.

Kambo has been used for thousands of years by the tribes there to aid in the treatment of infections, snake bites, fevers, pain relief, improved fertility and generally cleanse, detox and strengthen the mind and body.

Drawing from the Well

Art and Shamanism

August 6th - 8th

An introduction to using animistic/shamanic techniques to enhance, inform and create artistic expression.

In this short, weekend course shamanic techniques will be demonstrated and you'll be shown how they can be used to access other aspects of our realities and bring back inspiration, information and even healing that may inform our artistic expressions and our lives in general.

This will be a journey of discovery.

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