17th Jun 2022


Power - Purpose - Presence

A collaboration between Grōwan and The BrotherShip Connection

This is a Men’s weekend immersion for connection, transformation and aligning with your values and purpose.

We are looking for men ready to step up and step out of their conditioning, bad habits and self-limiting beliefs. This is the shit that holds us back, we may know it and see it but sometimes it feels hard-wired into us that no matter what we try we still think, talk and act in ways that prevent us from growing. 

Do you feel disconnected from your work, your job, your partner or your purpose in life?

Do you feel isolated and alone; disconnected from friends, family and meaningful experience with other people?

Our worlds and our cultures are disconnecting us further and further from our true self. Our true nature. 

You have the capacity to transform and rewrite your story. You are powerful beyond measure.

We’ve all heard this before, but it takes courage, it takes action, it takes vulnerability to truly create change. 

This is a weekend immersion, a journey into brotherhood to reconnect with your inner-knowing, your confidence and your power. 

We will share, listen, learn and grow together.

The exchange for the weekend is £250 but please don't let finances be the reason you arent able to join, talk to me